Ku Klux Klan plan a Donald Trump victory march

David Harding
Celebration time – the KKK plan to hold a victory parade in North Carolina (Rex)

The Ku Klux Klan wants to hold a victory parade to mark Donald Trump winning the US presidency.

The white supremacist group, which backed Trump in the recent election, wants to the parade to take place on December 3 in the town of Pelham, North Carolina.

They announced their plans on their website and wrote: “Trump’s race united my people.”

The local group has around 200 members and is thought to be one of the most active Klan branches in the US.

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The KKK have taken credit for Trump getting to the White House.

Former Klan leader – or Imperial Wizard – David Duke said “our people” had played a huge part ion getting Trump elected. After Trump was elected, Duke said it was “one of the most exciting nights of my life”.

President-elect Donald Trump meets Barack Obama in the White House (AP)

Trump though has distanced himself from the organisation, calling their endorsement “repulsive”.

The KKK has been going in the States since the 1860s.

Currently there is reckoned to be around 6,000 members. The organisation is well known for its cross burnings and the distinctive white-robe costumes worn by members.