KU players surprised with new Yeezy sneakers before Final Four

Blake Schuster
Yahoo Sports Contributor

Kansas’ partnership with Adidas hasn’t always been good to the Jayhawks.

From the zubaz catastrophe of 2013 to the cummerbund look of 2015, it hasn’t always been the most rewarding alliance for fans and players at KU.

This year, however, Adidas came through. No, not with a new jersey or shorts, but with the next best thing for a bunch of college kids about to take the biggest stage in the game. As the team was preparing for its Final Four matchup with Villanova on Saturday, the coaching staff brought their players into a ballroom that was stocked full with new Yeezy 500 Blush sneakers.

The shoes won’t be made public until mid April, but that didn’t stop the Jayhawks from getting a pair before their biggest game of the year.

The pictures are good. The video of the players getting to the shoes is even better.

This won’t suddenly take Kansas from underdog to favorite on Saturday, but look good, feel good, right?

In any case, kudos to Adidas for making this trip to the Final Four a bit more special for KU. This doesn’t make up for the previous jersey flops, but it certainly makes you forget about them for a bit.

Kansas players will be rocking new kicks when they take on Villanova on Saturday thanks to a last-minute surprise from Adidas. (AP Photo)

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