How the Kubasonics became more Ukrainian by moving to Newfoundland

Kubfundland, the latest album by the Kubasonics, is the first Ukrainian album ever recorded in Newfoundland and Labrador, according to Kubasonics founder Brian Cherwick.

It's also the most Ukrainian album of the band's career.  

"This is our first recording where all the songs are in Ukrainian," said Cherwick.  

"When we started to work with the musicians who are part of our band now, they liked the sound of the really traditional Ukrainian music more than the mainstream sounding songs." said Cherwick.

Band formed in Alberta

Cherwick started the band when he lived in Alberta in 1996, where there is a large Ukrainian-Canadian community.  He said that incarnation of the band played a mix of traditional Ukrainian music and more contemporary music with English lyrics.

He revived the band when he relocated to St. John's in 2011, and he said Newfoundland and Labrador audiences have enthusiastically embraced the band's music, "despite the fact that they don't understand the lyrics that we're singing," he added.

"People try to sing along."

Have a listen to Brian and Maria Cherwick's conversation with Weekend AM host Heather Barrett.

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