Kyiv official decodes Putin’s ‘negotiation readiness’ statement

Vladimir Putin
Vladimir Putin

Russian dictator Vladimir Putin’s latest statement about his alleged readiness for negotiations is nothing but bluff, Director of the Center for Countering Disinformation Andriy Kovalenko said on Telegram on May 15.

Russia is predictably starting to “push the topic of negotiations”.

“Putin’s statement that they are possible without the withdrawal of Russian troops is bargaining, and he is ready to put the border of Kharkiv Oblast on the table, as well as to signal that if you do not want to, I will go to other regions,” he said.

Russia does not, however, have enough resources to attack Kharkiv and Sumy, Kovalenko said, calling it a “bluff.”

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“Our key task is to survive,” he stated.

“This is the task for this year. It is clear that there will be no negotiations. Russia only needs the negotiations to pause and build up its forces.”

Vladimir Putin’s new statement on peace talks

Moscow is ready to hold peace talks with Kyiv, but with Russia’s interests in mind, Vladimir Putin said in an interview with the Chinese news agency Xinhua on May 15.

He repeated the Kremlin’s narrative that Russia has never refused to negotiate for a “fair settlement of the conflict.”

The dictator argued that Western countries cannot provide reliable security guarantees because they prefer their own orders and rules rather than international law, which Russia itself systematically violates.

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Putin also claimed that in April 2022, a “draft peace agreement” between Ukraine and Russia was prepared in Istanbul. However, the Ukrainian side “unexpectedly announced the termination of negotiations”. The dictator failed to mention the Russians’ atrocities in Bucha and Irpin, but parroted the false narrative about the withdrawal of Russian troops from Kyiv Oblast, allegedly as part of the agreement.

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