Kyle Larson Hits Pit Lane Sand Barrels While Fighting for a Race Lead

kyle larson crash homestead miami nascar barrels pit lane 2023
Larson Hits Pit Lane Sand Barrels While BattlingNASCAR on NBC / Twitter

Kyle Larson crashed out of Sunday's NASCAR Cup Series race at Homestead-Miami Speedway in spectacular fashion, hitting the sand barrels meant to protect drivers from a head-on impact with the pit lane divider wall. Larson, who was running in second and battling for the lead at the time, remains locked into the Championship Four after a win last weekend.

Larson was running behind Ryan Blaney in a battle for the lead on track when the two came into the pit lane a the same time, but Blaney slowed more than Larson on entry. Suddenly running too quickly to make the corner and running out of time, Larson tapped Blaney's rear bumper before locking up and veering right. He hit the barrels from the side, instantly destroying a few before continuing down the pit lane for a stop. After further examination, the team decided to retire his car from the race.

While he initially said that he thought from his vantage point that Blaney had slowed more and earlier than he expected, Larson noted that the broadcast angle seemed to show him "bomb it in there" on the way in. Footage from his on-board camera shows the closing rate left him little time to react, although Blaney's cautious approach is far from unusual while entering a pit lane in a race.

The race was red flagged for barrier repairs before resuming. Larson is the lone driver locked into the Championship Four race at Phoenix in two weeks, leaving seven other drivers fighting for today's win and the second guaranteed spot in that field.

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