Kylie Jenner Wears Belt-Buckle Bondage Couture in Paris

Kylie Jenner continues to do the most while in Paris for Fashion Week, this time in a sexy black dress secured in the front with belt buckles that keep her cleavage just barely contained. She styled the dominatrix-couture frock with sheer black gloves, dangerously high black leather boots, and hair in a classic femme fatale wave.

Just in case you weren’t getting the point, she also did a little boudoir photo shoot with photographer Blair Caldwell in her hotel room and uploaded the fashionably suggestive pics to her Instagram (see them here). The 25-year-old also had time for a quick elevator selfie with makeup artist Ariel Tejada.

“Midnight in Paris,” the Kylie Cosmetics maven captioned the carousel posted to her grid. The photos show Jenner nibbling on a cluster of grapes, putting a finger to her lips, and pouting moodily at the camera while leaning against her king-size bed. Jenner must be familiar with the iconic Tyra Banks adage, “Ho, but make it fashion.”

Miss Jenner clearly did not come to Paris Fashion Week to play around this year, as this ’fit is just the latest in a series of bold looks she’s donned in the past few days. There was the Schiaparelli lion head, of course, leading to the unintentionally surreal photos of Jenner and her lion gazing thoughtfully from the front row as an identical Schiaparelli lion head marched down the runway on a model’s shoulder. For her day-two look, Jenner wore an electric blue Givenchy dress paired with bright pink sequined Givenchy boots. (She also added a controversial noose necklace, which didn't go unnoticed on social media.)

<h1 class="title">Celebrity Sightings In PARIS - January 23, 2023</h1><cite class="credit">MEGA</cite>

Celebrity Sightings In PARIS - January 23, 2023


Sure, Kylie Jenner has gotten some social media snickering for her eye-catching looks lately. But if everybody liked it, it simply would not be Paris Fashion Week–appropriate. I say brava.

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