Kylie Kelce hints at possibility of fourth child

Kylie Kelce hints at possibility of fourth child credit:Bang Showbiz
Kylie Kelce hints at possibility of fourth child credit:Bang Showbiz

Kylie Kelce isn't ruling out a fourth child.

The 32-year-old star and her husband, retired NFL player Jason Kelce, 36, already have three daughters, Wyatt, four, Elliotte, three, and Bennett, 15 months, together but Kylie admitted they are open to expanding their family.

She told New York Magazine website The Strategist: "We’re rotating through clothes we bought for our first daughter now to our youngest, so we have gone through a lot of hand-me-downs... The Hanna Anderson PJs last forever. We still have some packed up, just in case there ends up being a fourth. It is the best investment."

And, Kylie revealed the special gift Jason got her to celebrate the births of their daughters, a Zoe Chicco necklace displaying their initials.

She called it "a reminder of our three greatest creations" and explained: "He got me the W when Wyatt was born, and I didn’t take it off for four years until I updated it with the other two kids’ initials. It's something I wear every single day. It’s part of their Itty Bitty collection and has these tiny initials of our girls on it. I’m really into understated, dainty jewelry over big pieces."

Meanwhile, Kylie's brother-in-law Travis Kelce has been dating Taylor Swift for the past year and Kylie previously called their relationship "amazing".

She told the 'Today' show: "Ultimately, if Travis is happy, we’re happy. We are always cheering on Uncle Trav. It’s such a treat to be able to do that on and off the field. But it’s been amazing."

And, she also praised Taylor for encouraging more young women to take an interest in sport.

She told Glamour: "To see that other young girls are getting involved and that they want to sit down and cheer with their dads or they’re finding their own reason to be interested, it’s only something that can be painted in a positive and exciting light. It’s just another way to encourage girls to appreciate sport.”