Kylie Kelce Wore a Sentimental Top to Cheer on Brother-in-Law Travis Kelce (Without Betraying the Eagles)


Kylie Kelce’s style may be more low-key than some other famous WAGs, but that doesn’t mean her clothes don’t send a message.

On January 28, Kylie Kelce joined Taylor Swift & Co. in Baltimore to cheer on brother-in-law Travis Kelce and the Kansas City Chiefs. Born and raised in Pennsylvania and married to Philadelphia Eagles center Jason Kelce, Kylie traded in her usual black and green game-day uniform for another team’s color palette. In a photo shared by Taylor Swift’s bestie Keleigh Teller, Kylie fits right in with the rest of Travis’s cheerleaders, all donning Chiefs red.

Jason and Kylie Kelce met on Tinder in 2005 and share three daughters. As an Eagles WAG, Kylie may not be willing to wear official Chiefs Kingdom merch just yet, but the homage to her brother-in-law didn’t end with the color of her shirt. In another photo shared by Teller, fans were able to see that Kylie’s Under Armour top is actually from Jason and Travis Kelce’s alma mater, University of Cincinnati. Go, Bearcats!

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Of course, if Kylie Kelce wants to roll up to the Super Bowl in official Kansas City Chiefs merch—or even a Kristin Juszczyk original—she should be able to do so without attracting ire from diehard Eagles fans. Just ask Pennsylvania native Taylor Swift, who literally name-checked the Eagles in her Folklore song “Gold Rush.”

Oh, that’s not the same? Tell that to Jason Kelce, who not only wore a red Big Yeti T-shirt in honor of his brother’s nickname but went full fanboy in a red and white Chiefs beanie.

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Due to conflicting schedules during the regular NFL season, the Philadelphia couple weren’t able to meet Travis’s girlfriend in person until the Chiefs vs. Bills game on January 21. According to Jason, Kylie warned him to be on his “best behavior” in front of the pop star, which still involved him ripping off his shirt and jumping into the stands at multiple points during the game. “Tay said she absolutely loved you,” Travis assured his brother. Of course she did!

Hopefully the gang will gather for a third time at the Super Bowl in Las Vegas on February 11, though Swift has an Eras Tour concert in Tokyo scheduled for the previous night. Hey, Taylor, know anyone with a private jet?

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What are the odds Taylor Swift can make it to Las Vegas if Travis Kelce plays in the Super Bowl? So glad you asked….

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