Kyrie Irving on his return to Nets: No debut ‘comes close to this one’

The Brooklyn Nets guard spoke to the media following Wednesday night’s game, his first of the season. In addition, Irving addressed whether he is still considering receiving the coronavirus vaccine.

Video Transcript

KYRIE IRVING: There's a lot of gratitude just to, you know, be present tonight with everyone, you know, and just go out there and have fun doing what we love to do. I've had a lot of debuts, but nothing comes close to this one. It just meant a little bit, it meant a little bit more just because at this stage, you know, taking off eight months or being out of the game for eight months and coming back in, there's so much uncertainty, just how many minutes, you know, what's the flow of the game going to be like, how are my teammates going to feel, and what's the game flow going to be? You know, you just don't have any idea.

So I went in with just an open mindset just to ground myself, be present, and do whatever it takes to win. Man, I'm just taking it one day at a time. You know, like I said, you know, earlier in the season, just it's not an ideal situation. And I'm always praying that things get figured out. And we're able to come to some collective agreement, whether it be with the league or just things that's going on that could help kind of ease what we're all dealing with COVID and the vaccine.

I think everybody's feeling it. So I don't want to make it simply about me and simply about someone lessening the rules for me. I just, I know what the consequences were. I still know what they are.

But right now, I'm just going to take it one day at a time, like I said, and just enjoy this time that I get to play with my guys. And however it looks later in the season, we'll address it then.

- There's still a possibility?


- It's still a possibility?

KYRIE IRVING: Oh, come on, man. Don't hang on to me.


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