L. T. Westlake receives a performance from 3 Hat Circus

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Last Thursday, L. T. Westlake Fine Arts Elementary School had Noah Weigel and Joey Vedres, founders of a Calgary based circus called 3 Hat Circus, host a two-man performance for the students.

“3 Hat Circus is the name that we have found for school shows,” said Weigel. “Joey and I do a lot of different types of different circus performances. So the family and school stuff is what we do under 3 Hat Circus. The name comes from the implication of each of the times that we do a job, we end up wear- ing three hats if you will, doing different jobs and it’s also a play on the threering circus. Little bit of a thinker but we like it, it works for us.”

Despite 3 Hat Circus being a new production, both Weigel and Vedres have several years of experience within the circus industry.

“I’ve been doing circus for about 12/13 years now,” said Weigel. “Joey, a couple more years, at 18. Been doing it professionally for about 10 and we’ve been performing together for about six or seven.”

Weigel talked about why they perform kid shows, why it is more enjoyable, and why it’s necessary for the job.

“Oh the kids, we love kids performances. In the circus world, a lot of circus performers will turn their nose up at kids performances, but the thing is, as a professional circus artist, unless you’re doing long tours with Cirque du Soleil or other large companies, and we do a few of that for about half the year, but if you wanna go the whole year, you either need to do corporate entertainment, which is like doing benefit shells oil, like they have a fancy corporate party and they need something interesting, or doing kid shows. People usually go for one or the other and we definitely enjoy the kid shows a lot more. Kids are better receptive, they love to see you, they’re honest, and they will cheer for you. Adults will kind of sometimes, even if they’re enjoying it they won’t let you know.”

Finally, Weigel talked about the message they were trying to impart to the kids during their performance.

“I would like to say our number one message that we try to impart in the show is not to be afraid of making mistakes and that’s relevant all throughout your life, but it’s especially relevant for kids these days,” said Weigel. “Especially with the Internet and Instagram, everybody thinks that everything has to be perfect all the time and it’s important to remind people that the way you get perfect is by making a whole bunch of mistakes first.”

Rebecca Edwards, principal at L. T. Westlake, spoke about why she decided to invite 3 Hat Circus to the school.

“We decided to invite 3 Hat Circus because we wanted a new presenter at the school. They looked like a fun group and to teach the kids about working harder which is something we are really trying to instil in our students,” said Edwards. “They are a new group. We always try to bring in new fine art opportunities for our kids and this was definitely one and the kids have been asking for different dances and juggling so it’s great to be able to hear them out.”

Edwards also discussed her and the kids feelings towards the performance they received, as well as emphasizing how they tried to bring new performances to the school. “We loved it, the kids loved it. It’s great to see their expressions, so it was great for us to come together. Super happy we have them out. Great to have them out and great for us to come together at the school for another performance. We always trying to bring new performers to our school and to have something different was fantastic.”

Ian Croft, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, The Taber Times

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