La Loche highway leads CAA Worst Roads campaign in week 2

Votes are pouring in for this year's CAA Saskatchewan's Worst Roads campaign.

Every year, voters nominate the bumpiest, pothole-filled highways to compete for the dubious distinction of being the worst road in the province.

Since the contest started April 3rd, CAA Saskatchewan has received 1,685 votes.

Here are the current rankings in this year's contest:

- Highway 155 La Loche (Ranked #9 in 2016 CAA Worst Roads Campaign)

- Highway 21 Paradise Hill

- Highway 354 Dilke (Ranked #1 in 2016 and 2015 CAA Worst Roads Campaigns)

- Highway 26 Loon Lake

- Highway 322 Silton (Ranked #3 in 2016 CAA Worst Roads Campaign)

- Highway 35 Love

- Highway 349 Naicam

- Highway 47 Springside (Ranked #6 in 2016 CAA Worst Roads Campaign)

- Highway 51 Kerrobert (Ranked #2 in 2016 CAA Roads Roads Campaign)

- Highway 45 Delisle

The agency said people have identified potholes as their number one concern so far, but complaints also include cracks, crumbling pavement, potholes and even craters, poor signage, lack of signs altogether, traffic congestion and lack of cycling lanes and sidewalks.

The results of the contest will be shared with the public and government officials in early May.