Labour-intensive: Pregnant Tely 10 champ turns attention to coaching

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Labour-intensive: Pregnant Tely 10 champ turns attention to coaching

Reigning Tely 10 champion — and owner of the fastest female time ever in the race — Kate Bazeley is leading a new running group towards the 90th version of the 16-kilometre race. 

#RoadToRaceDay is a program by Lululemon in St. John's.

"There is such a big opportunity in Newfoundland for running clubs," store manager Laura Price told CBC.

"The Tely 10 being such a big thing here, we wanted to create an opportunity that is complementary for all runners, whether it's starting out or super-advanced."

The big win for Lululemon is having one of the race's most recognizable runners as the coach. 

"I actually contacted the store at the beginning of the year because I am pregnant for the third time," Bazeley said.

"I am sort of taking a little bit of a break from competing myself."

At seven and a half months pregnant, Bazeley isn't the only one running for two. Assistant store manager and co-coach Brieanna Angel is also pregnant.

"I think, to be honest, it's inspiring," said Angel. "It shows that you can run at any stage at any time in your life."

The group meets Tuesdays and Sundays and Angel said it's an "all-inclusive" club meaning anyone at any running level is welcome. It's also free.

Bazeley may be slowing down a little this year but can still probably outrun most people. 

"I, obviously, have a passion for running, and for training and the local running scene," she said.

"It's been good to sort of dip my feet into it. I'm hoping to actually maybe start coaching someday."

The runners will work their way towards the 90th Tely 10, which starts at 8 a.m. on July 23.