Labrador reality show Last Stop Garage picked up for Season 2

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Labrador reality show Last Stop Garage picked up for Season 2

The everyday antics at CRB Automotive are going to be showcased in a second season of Last Stop Garage.

"To get to Season 2 — like the production side — is a huge, huge success in itself," said Collin Baikie, garage owner and one of the show's main characters.

Baikie said the first season laid the groundwork for who they are and what the show's about, but now that they've gotten used to the cameras and the process, they can let loose.  

"I think it's going to be a lot more intense than Season 1," said Corey Webber, Baikie's best friend and the shop's lead mechanic.

"Season 1 you're kind of, you know, you're on the border of, 'Should we do it, shouldn't we do it?' Now we know what we can do, and know how far we can push our limits, and I think we're going to exceed most of them this year."

"It's extreme," Baikie added, "But that's our lifestyle. We like extreme things."

The show takes place at CRB Automotive in North West River — a town of roughly 500 people.

It focuses on the guys at the garage and the jobs that come through the door.

North West River is isolated so Baikie, Webber and crew are always coming up with innovative fixes to get their customers back on the road.

'It's about having fun'

"We're not about about going on TV and showing the world that we are perfect and we do everything perfect and fancy and nice and $100,000 builds," said Webber.

"It's not about that, man. It's about having fun."

The first season took place in the winter but the second season is filming now.

Once it's ready, the show will air "all over the world," according to Baikie.

He was tight-lipped about the different jobs the garage plans to tackle during upcoming season, but Baikie said fans can trust they'll see the same ingenuity and can-do attitude as the past season.

"If you keep going and you use what you got, it just goes to show that anything can be done. All things are possible," he said.

"If we can get a small show like this in Season 2 in a small town of 500 people, then we can do anything."

"Yes sir, yes sir," Webber added. "Amen to that."

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