Lack of women in Tourism Saskatoon video raises questions

Kirby Criddle doesn't like what she's seeing — or rather, what she's not seeing — in a recent video posted to Facebook by Tourism Saskatoon.

"I noticed that there really were no women in the video, and I just thought it was really strange," Criddle said, noting that the video was put up just days after International Women's Day.

"It's just poor timing. But it's also perfect timing because it means that we can have this conversation and realize how kind of widespread this problem is."

Criddle started part of that conversation on Facebook, sharing the video and asking, "where is the female representation?"

Tourism Saskatoon has yet to respond to requests from CBC News for a comment on the video. However, it did respond to questions and comments on Facebook, saying "This city runs thanks to women! We shot this [Thursday] night – unfortunate timing maybe."