Lacrosse referee gives the best penalty call ever

We’ve got a new candidate for best call of the year. (@MammothLax/Twitter)
We’ve got a new candidate for best call of the year. (@MammothLax/Twitter)

The Vancouver Stealth and Colorado Mammoth battled it out Saturday night in the National Lacrosse League, and the action got a little rough during the fourth quarter.

Just under six minutes into the frame Chris O’Dougherty and Zack Greer started to get physical, which included a hit from behind. NLL official Todd Labranche was having none of this and sentenced both men to the box in the most hilarious way possible.

Wes McCauley would be proud.

After Greer and O’Doughtery served their timeouts, the Vancouver Stealth scored three unanswered goals to complete the comeback and beat the Mammoth 13-12.

Both players learned their lesson, as they finished the game cleanly. Nice work, Labranche.

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