Lady Gaga said her bulletproof inauguration dress was inspired by the Italian and French Revolution

Lady Gaga was on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert Tuesday, where the actress and pop superstar dove deeper into why she opted to wear a bulletproof dress during President Biden’s inauguration in January, where she performed the National Anthem. And she said the decision had a lot to do with those closest to her.

“It was a scary time in this country,” Gaga said. “And I care a lot about my family. And as a performer, I understand that I put myself in all types of dangerous situations in order to do what I love. And so I did that for myself, but for my family as well, so that my mom and dad and my sister would feel confident.”

Gaga also revealed what her motivation was behind her look on that unforgettable day, starting with her dress from Italian designer Maison Schiaparelli.

“Everything about what I wore that day was inspired by the Italian and French revolution,” she said.

Gaga, who stars in the new film House of Gucci, called the National Anthem a “complicated tune” earlier in the interview but didn’t elaborate on what makes it “complicated.” But she did say that she saw the inauguration as an opportunity to sing for everybody, not just those who voted for President Biden

“In a lot of ways, I felt like that day was a revolution for this country,” Gaga said. “And a real opportunity for us to look past the resistance and look forward into a time when we can be kinder, and we can be braver as a nation, as people.”

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