Lagoona Bloo is the NYC drag queen known for her stunning aquatic-inspired fantasy looks

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Lagoona Bloo is a New York City-based drag performer who wants to be the world’s first mermaid pop star. Wearing aquatic-inspired fantasy costumes, Lagoona Bloo performs original pop songs that transport listeners to a glamorous fantasy world of her own creation. 

David Brumfield, aka Lagoona Bloo (@lagoonabloonyc), describes his drag alter-ego as a “mermaid from the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico.” “[She’s] super talented, super humble, hilarious, [and has] so much stage presence,” he tells In The Know. “I mean, she’s a superstar.” 

Growing up in the Southern United States in an evangelical Christian family, David never felt he could embrace his true self. His family disapproved of his queerness, making David feel like he had to hide who he truly was. 

“When I slowly began to realize I was gay, I immediately shut down and was like, ‘No that’s not allowed,’” he told In the Know. “I used to be made fun of because I was so artistic and so creative and queer. I did everything I could to make it not obvious, to conceal it, and to hide it.”

Now, David uses drag to celebrate his queerness and his creativity. He hopes Lagoona Bloo will inspire other young queer kids to embrace their true selves as well. “I want to be a light for those kids in the South who feel the way I feel, because I used to live in a world of ‘No’ and I took that ‘No’ and I crumpled it up and told myself ‘Yes’ and never looked back,” he told In The Know.

David also hopes to make a big splash in the world of pop music. He feels that drag performers are rarely taken seriously as musicians, and wants to change that. “I want to change people’s minds about what drag music is,” he explained. “I want to raise the bar a little bit. I want to win Grammys.”

David recently released his first EP, entitled “Aquatic.” The album is full of upbeat pop music which invites listeners into the underwater world of Lagoona Bloo. “For me, it’s all about sharing my world, inside my fantasy,” David told In The Know. 

Performing as Lagoona Bloo has helped David feel beautiful and powerful, and has given him the confidence to follow his dreams. He told In the Know, “I had a voice teacher tell me that you can have anything you want in life as long as you don’t want anything else, and in the last year, I worked so hard on this EP. This is what I was meant to do. I feel like it’s just the beginning.”

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