Lakeshore to scare off gulls before marina becomes a poop deck

Lakeshore town council has had enough of seagulls making their messy mark at the Belle River Marina, where they cover the deck in droppings.

This year, the town is taking steps to scare off the birds before the boating season.

"You really can't be sitting around on a boat and have that high level of seagull droppings happening," said Coun. Tracey Bailey.

The town toured other municipalities to see how they fight off the bothersome birds, said Bailey, and plans to install a wire system that will emit a vibration seagulls "don't care for."

"Last year it was very disappointing," she added. "There were people who didn't want to walk down there."

Poop damaging and disgusting

Boats and their covers were so damaged by the guano that owners had taken to building their own bird-scaring systems.

Efforts to keep the marina clear of poop are especially important this year, said Bailey, because another mild winter means there could be even more birds this summer.

Other updates to the marina this season include a deck wash to clean up any guano that does make it to the dock and Wi-Fi.