Lamb Shoulder Boulangere: A French Bistro Classic

French Boulangeries are bakeries that focus on bread and other savoury items, whereas a patisserie specialises in cakes. When the boulangerie closes for the day the ovens are turned off but take some time to cool down, the local housewives were invited to utilise the ovens and would bring their casserole pots filled with onions, potatoes, stock and lamb to slowly bake for a few hours. Lamb boulangere is my favourite version but I also often prepare the potato dish with vegetable stock which makes a gorgeous vegan meal. Ingredients: Floury potatoes King Edward, Maris piper or Russet 3 large Large white onions 2 Chicken or veg stock 750ml - 1.3 pints Picked thyme a few sprigs Salt and pepper to taste Lamb shoulder 1 Rosemary 1 large sprig Garlic 1 large clove Anchovy fillets 4 Salsa verde Parsley 1 small bunch Mint 1 small bunch Dijon mustard 1 tsp Anchovy fillets 1 Capers 1 tsp Preserved lemon 1/4 Red wine vinegar 1 tbsp Extra virgin olive oil 3 tbsp Lamb Shoulder Boulangere a French Bistro Classic