Lamborghini Huracan replacement reportedly gets twin-turbo V8

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Lamborghini is planning on electrifying its entire lineup by the end of the 2020s. One of the hybrid models in the pipeline is a supercar that will replace the popular Huracán. Its name hasn't been revealed yet, but an unverified report allegedly outlines what it will be powered by.

Without citing sources, Motor Trend wrote that the Huracán's successor will downsize from a naturally-aspirated V10 to a twin-turbocharged V8. If true, that's a big deal: Lamborghini has proudly eschewed forced induction for its line of supercars, and the only turbocharged member of its lineup is the Urus SUV. The eight-cylinder will reportedly be related to the unit that powers the Urus, but the two engines won't be identical. Motor Trend learned that the turbos will be programmed to spool up between 7,000 and 10,000 rpm, which is high in the rev range.

An electric motor installed between the V8 and the transmission will add a hybrid component to the drivetrain, though figures such as horsepower and torque haven't been published. An earlier report pegs the total output at 850 horsepower, but it's not official. We also don't know if the car will be a standard hybrid or if it will get a plug-in system, and whether it will use mechanical or through-the-road all-wheel-drive. Motor Trend believes that the model will be longer than the Huracán to accommodate the electrified parts of the powertrain, however, and we're curious to find out how Lamborghini will offset the hybrid system's mass. The battery pack and the motor will inevitably add weight.

Lamborghini hasn't commented on the rumor, and it hasn't revealed what will power the Huracán's successor. In fact, it's not done with the Huracán: the final road-going version of the car is due out by the end of 2022 as a hot-rodded off-roader (we're not kidding!) called Sterrato.

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