Lamborghini versus Porsche tractor race proves Jeff Foxworthy is in fact a redneck

On Jay Leno's Garage, Leno challenged fellow funny man, Jeff Foxworthy, to a tractor race in vintage Lamborghini and Porsche tractors. Since Leno is a car enthusiast and Foxworthy is a farming enthusiast, it was a very close race.

Wearing and tracksuit, Leno drove a 1968 Lamborghini R485. The tractor had 85 horsepower, which a lot when compared to Foxworthy's Porsche. Foxworthy wore a tweed jacket and drove a 1958 Porsche Diesel Jr. The little tractor only produced 13.8 horsepower.

The two comedians were tasked with racing through a slalom course, and stacking hay bales. Even though Leno's Lamborghini had over 6 times more horsepower than Foxworthy''s lighter Porsche, the redneck's skills were too much to overcome. Foxworthy, who lives on a farm, took home the win.

While Jeff was elated to be the winner, his joy was short lived when he found out about the prize. After asking about a trophy, Leno gave Foxworthy the standard Lamborghini driver response of, "I got your trophy right here." To which Foxworthy replied, "I thought it would be bigger than that."

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