Lance Bass Says There's a 'Different Milestone' Every Day Raising Twins: 'They're Little People Now' (Exclusive)

The musician tells PEOPLE that being a dad has "been the most rewarding thing ever"

<p>Lance Bass/Instagram</p> Lance Bass and his twins.

Lance Bass/Instagram

Lance Bass and his twins.

Lance Bass is loving dad life!

In an exclusive conversation with PEOPLE tied to his partnership with Allegra, the musician, 44, opens up about raising his 2-year-old twins — son Alexander James and daughter Violet Betty — whom he shares with husband Michael Turchin.

"I feel like every day is a different milestone, and it is just incredible," Bass says. "They're in school now, which I think is really insane — they're little people now."

"They can communicate with you. You're having these conversations, and it's just so surreal to think just two years ago, which seems like yesterday, they were just little blobs on the couch and couldn't do anything," he continues.

Adds Bass: "Now they're being little stinkers trying to aggravate you. It's just been the most rewarding thing ever."

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<p>Lance Bass/Instagram</p> Lance Bass and his family.

Lance Bass/Instagram

Lance Bass and his family.

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Bass and Turchin, 37, who wed in 2014, welcomed their firstborns via surrogate in October 2021.

The couple shared the exciting news on Instagram at the time, posting photos of the twins' birth certificates that included stamps of their tiny footprints.

"The baby dragons have arrived!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ I can not express how much love I feel right now," Bass captioned the post.

"Thank you for all the kind wishes. It meant a lot. Now, how do you change a diaper??! Ahhhhhhhh!" he playfully added.

<p>Leon Bennett/Getty </p> Michael Turchin, Lance Bass and their twins in 2022.

Leon Bennett/Getty

Michael Turchin, Lance Bass and their twins in 2022.

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Bass says his twins are "the best kids" and notes he "just can't wait to see what they get into and what they're interested in, now that they're sponges."

"I'm just trying to surround them with everything. I'm like, you're going to learn Spanish, you're going to learn Mandarin, you're going to learn how to play soccer, you're going to play piano," he continues. "I just want them to touch everything right now and [I want to] see what they're gravitating towards."

Currently, the *NSYNC singer says his kids are each taking an interest in "stereotypical" things and are "on the total ends of the spectrum," despite him raising them in a "gender-neutral" environment where they could "choose what they want to choose."

"For months now, my boy, he's just all over the place. He loves any kind of sport, loves every instrument. He makes up his own songs, which is very weird, but he'll create his own songs," Bass says of his son.

As for his daughter, he adds, "She is the most prissy-priss, loves high heels and jewelry and makeup and all that."

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