Land acknowledgement passes

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SOUTHWEST MIDDLESEX - The discovery of 215 children at a residential school in Kamloops, British Columbia some changes have been made nationwide, one step was taken during SWM council. An enactment of land acknowledgments at municipal events was presented by Coun Cowell. The motion was seconded by Coun. Sholdice who suggested municipal events be accepted the friendly amendment by saying, “When I crafted this motion, I did reach out to indigenous people in our community. And one of the things they mentioned was that we do some individual research and self-reflection.”

Three zoning Bylaw amendment applications were reviewed by the council for farming properties during the 25 June meeting. The first application came from the owners of Maxwell Farms on Glendon Drive looking to rezone a severed parcel of land sitting next to the property where they run their dairy farm, the proposal would see an expansion for the purpose of sheltering additional cattle at a rate which averages to about one or two new cows per year a proposal of 60 additional stalls. The adjacent property is also under the same ownership as the agricultural land. Despite no objections from the chief building official and none from St. Clair Conservation Authority having no concerns, the planner however recommended a denial of the application. The application was however ultimately passed being brought to motion by Deputy Mayor Marigay Wilkins and seconded by Coun. Sholdice. The second farming application was for the creation of a residential lot on Hyndman Drive for disposal of surplus farming dwelling which has a single dwelling and an accessory building on the lot. Worry pertained to the septic system running underneath the property which is situated under the former lot. A motion for approval was brought forth by Coun. Vink and seconded by Coun. Carruthers. The third was for a property at Pratt-Siding to recognize the disposal of the surplus and rezone land designation.

Other items of interest during the meeting included the approval of an agreement with North Frontenac Telephone Company for the installation of a communications tower on the Glencoe Water Tower. The finance agenda saw one item a forgiveness payment of $777.49 for flooding reasons.

Damon MacLean, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, The Middlesex Banner

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