Langenburg Council Discuss Rest stop

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On Monday, March 8, 2121, at 7:00 P.M. Mayor Bill Johnston called the regularly scheduled meeting of the Churchbridge Town Council to order. All council members were present including Councillor Jim Gallant who won his seat on council recently in the by-election by acclamation.

The council reviewed the agenda. Office Assistant Cindy Buchberger told the council about a few amendments before Councillor R. Thies made a motion to accept the amended agenda; motion carried.

Next, the council reviewed the minutes of the February 22, 2021, regular councillors meeting before Councillor N. Thies made a motion to accept the minutes as reviewed; motion carried.


Town Foreman Jason Poppenheim gave his report to the council. He discussed the training the staff has been doing. The water plant is progressing well with electricians coming next week and equipment is being prepped for spring.

The council moved on to the Council Standing Committee Reports. On the topic of Protective Services, a discussion was had with the MLA, with possible changes coming. Recreation and Culture met with the pool committee and discussed the upgrades such as the rock wall being added to the pool this season. Pool registration will be in early May. Councillor Gosselin applied for a grant for the walking path. Councillor Gosselin attended a library board meeting and updated the rest of the council as to what is going on there. Mayor Johnston presented the council with the new standing committee delegation. Councillor R. Thies made a motion to accept the recommended list; motion carried.

The Administrator Report was next to be heard with Office Assistant Cindy Buchberger as to what’s going on in the office and she also talked about the coin monument. The Strategic Report was then reviewed. Councillor Gallant made a motion to accept the reports; motion carried.

Old Business

The SaskPower pole upgrade by the Firehall was discussed and whether or not it will interfere with any town facilities. Councillor N. Thies made a motion to allow SaskPower to go ahead with the upgraded pole.

Administrator Paridaen will be taking the last two modules for her certification. Councillor N. Thies made a motion to allow her to take these modules; motion carried.


The council reviewed the correspondence received including the Access Communications letter that was discussed. Councillor Gallant made a motion to allow Access Communication to put up a sign on the side of the Kaminski Arena; tabled until the arena board can be contacted. SaskPower - parcel J Easement - this easement is so the utility companies can access their equipment. Councillor N. Thies made a motion to allow the matter for SaskPower; motion carried. The Alberta Coal Policy was reviewed next. After a lengthy discussion on coal and the environmental impact it has on the area, Councillor R. Thies made the motion to endorse the Alberta Coal Policy; motion carried with a 4 to 3 split. Councillor R Thies made a motion to file the correspondence; motion carried.


The council reviewed the List of Accounts for Approval before Councillor N. Thies made a motion to approve the accounts; motion carried.

Financial Statement & Bank Reconciliation

The council reviewed the Financial Statement and the Bank Reconciliation Statement before Councillor Vaughan made the Motion to accept them; motion carried.

New Business

The council reviewed building permit #497. Councillor R. Thies made a motion to approve it pending all permits and requirements are met; motion carried

Next, the council reviewed the Code of Ethics Bylaw Updates.

Carrying on, the council reviewed the Firearms Bylaw Amendment before Councillor N. Thies made a motion to update the bylaw; motion carried. Councillor Vaughan voted opposed to the motion.

Next, the council discussed the Saskatchewan Municipal Board. The landfill was next to be discussed and the administrator wanted to get the application sent in. R.Thies made the motion to move forward; motion carried.

Carrying on, the council discussed the Water Treatment Plant loan before Councillor Vaughan made the motion to go ahead with the recommendations made by the administration. This included having a 4-year fixed-rate mortgage for the water treatment plant loan; motion carried.

The Water Operators Agreement was discussed; this is to pay water operators who happen to come in for relief water plant operations. The proposal was brought forward from the Town of Esterhazy, tabled with a motion by Councillor N. Thies; motion carried.

The Water & Sewer Management Bylaw was next discussed. Councillor N. Thies made a motion to table this and have the council talk to the administration regarding suggestions.

The council then reviewed Pool Business including appointments and wages. Councillor N. Thies made a motion to approve the appointments. The motion was made to pay wages as presented; both motions carried.

The council discussed the Recycling Bylaw. It was proposed to increase the recycling fee; tabled for the budget meeting.

Mayor Johnston opened the floor to the gallery to have a questions & answers period.

The council moved to in-camera.

Gary Horseman, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Four-Town Journal