Langenburg Discuss Unofficial $4.3 Million Dollar Budget

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On Tuesday, March 16, 2021, at 7:30 P.M. Mayor Jeremy Stasiuk called the regularly scheduled meeting of the Langenburg town council to order with all council members present.

The council reviewed the agenda before Councillor Sicinski moved the agenda to be accepted; motion carried.

The council reviewed the minutes of the last meeting before Councillor Popp moved the minutes be accepted as reviewed; motion carried.

The Town Accounts Payable were next to be reviewed. Councillor Sicinski made a motion to pay the town bills; motion carried.

The town’s financials were reviewed with Councillor Popp explaining to the rest of the council the financial statement for the town before he made a motion to accept the town’s financials; motion carried.

The Town Foreman’s Report with Dave Tucker was next on the agenda. Tucker explained to the council about the issues with the water treatment plant this weekend. The motors for the transfer pumps broke down and are being repaired and replaced as soon as possible. There was a discussion about a newer town truck. Councillor Sicinski made a motion to accept the foreman report; motion carried.

The council had a short discussion about the lift station project and the outstanding bills on the build project.

Carrying on, the council heard the Administration Report with CAO Glenda Lemcke. Lemcke advised the council on what’s going on in the administration office and that they are preparing for budget meetings. Councillor McDonell made a motion to do a change of address for the town at the post office; motion carried. There is a request for a whiteboard by the EDO; Councillor Farmer made a motion to purchase a whiteboard; motion carried. Councillor Popp made a motion to accept the administration report; motion carried.

Next, the council heard from a delegation who was informing the council about coin-operated bulk water dispensers. The delegation has a new way of dispensing bulk water through key fobs making cash on-site non-existent.

Council Committee Reports were next on the agenda, as the councillors informed the rest of the council what has gone on with each committee. Councillor Farmer gave the Recreation Committee Report. It was stated that the pool project still needs some fundraising to achieve the total funding expected. The council is very impressed with the public's willingness to donate to the pool project and hopes they can continue to raise funds for this project. Also, the town placed 2nd in the Go Out & Play challenge which means a $5000 prize will be going to the pool project. Councillor Sicinziki moved to accept Counselor Farmer’s recreation committee report; motion carried.

The Financial Committee Report was next with Councillor Popp. He informed the council that there will be approximately a $4,365,000 million budget, with $1.6 million on capital expenditures this fiscal year.

The Transportation Committee Report with Councillor Rodney Lundgren was next. There was a request to have a 4-way stop added to the town, as well as water main values are sticking up and need to be fixed. Councillor Lundgren made a motion to add the 4-way stop sign at 4th and Ridel; motion carried.

The town reviewed the correspondence received by the town for the last two weeks. Councillor Hunt made a motion to file the correspondence; motion carried.

Under Old Business, the council discussed the purchase of a new grader. Councillor Hunt made a motion to put a 10% deposit on the grader the town would like to purchase; motion carried.

Under New Business, the council discussed the possibility of having a portable debit machine to collect cash at the rink or pool when paying for food or lessons. Councillor McDonell made the motion to table this discussion; motion carried.

Next, the council discussed the drainage issue in front of Cre.ate as the sidewalk needs repairs. Councillor Sicinski made a motion to fix this in the spring.

Councillor Sizinzki made a motion to adjourn the meeting; the motion carried.

It is noted that the council meetings will be held at 7 P.M. rather than 7:30 P.M. from now on.

Gary Horseman, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Four-Town Journal