Large animal rescue goes big when it comes to ringing in the new year

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A large animal rescue charity in Whitehorse knows how to go big when it comes to ringing in a new year.

Major's Promise Large Animal Rescue looks after and finds new homes for large animals.

The group's main fundraiser is the sale of a calendar that has some volunteers horsing around with the animals in different costumes.

Paula Dupuis, who runs Major's Promise, said the fundraiser was important this year as the charity has been expanding and needs the extra funding.

She said the charity has not been exempt from the struggles of the pandemic, but hopes this calendar will help bring people joy going into the new year.

Danielle Pfeifer
Danielle Pfeifer

"We did a pin-up calendar comedy type thing for a fundraiser to give everyone a little bit of kind of happiness toward next year already, and it is better than I could even imagine," said Dupuis.

The months range in themes from cupid, to a caveman, to knights, to a donkey picnic.

The money goes toward keeping the charity running through paying vet bills, making sure the horses get proper nutrition, and any other items they require to take care of them.

"This really really helps us help them when they're in need," said Dupuis.

Danielle Pfeifer
Danielle Pfeifer

"They've all got this big personality of their own in each of their pictures, and the guys just go with it."

There are photos featuring large horses, mini horses, and a donkey. Dupuis hopes that next year, the calendar can also feature alpacas.

"We couldn't actually figure out which pictures to go with because they were all so great, so every month has four pictures."

The calendars will be available at several Whitehorse retailers including the Itsy-Bitsy Yarn Store, The Feed Store/ Pet Junction, and Marble Slab Creamery.

Janilyn Kooy
Janilyn Kooy