Large Galapagos shark runs from angry bull sea lion

Bull sea lions are enormous animals with a head the size of a giant Rottweiler and a set of teeth that is even more impressive. They grow to 2.5m (nearly 9 feet) and can weigh a whopping 400kg (880lb). They are the masters of their colonies, usually having between 12 and 25 cows and they guard them protectively, along with their territory. The males are protective of the young sea lions in their care as well. The bull and the adult females will venture out into the open ocean to hunt for eels, fish and octopus. Once full grown, only a large shark would dare attack a sea lion. But sharks are abundant in the Galapagos Islands and the sea lions are wary of these predators. In a rare glimpse of the confidence of a bull seas lion, we sea this one take a run at a full grown Galapagos Shark, one of the top predators in these waters. Only the orcas that appear here periodically rival the Galapagos shark in terms of dominance in this world. Yet, this sea lion puts the shark in its place with certainty. A scuba diver filming the sea lions could sea the females swimming nearby as they looked for food. The shark ventured to close, obviously stalking one of the females and the bull caught on to the shark's intentions. Quick to the rescue, the bull sea lion went straight for the shark and chased him off. Sea lions are surprising agile underwater and in many cases, they are superior swimmers compared with sharks. A lone shark would be in trouble if it tangled with a determined sea lion this size. The shark decides that the potential meal is not worth the fight and he heeded the message. The scuba diver wisely stayed back as well. The animals in the ocean are all part of a complex web. They may be predators one minute and prey the next and this can change with little warning.

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