Large photo of Irpin car graveyard displayed in New York

Phil Buehler seeks to remind us that the war is on
Phil Buehler seeks to remind us that the war is on

A 20-meter-wide photograph of burnt vehicles belonging to fleeing Ukrainian civilians from Irpin has been erected in Little Ukraine neighborhood of Manhattan, New York, The Guardian reported on Nov. 17.

The photo was put on display to remind locals that the war in Ukraine rages on.

The photo was taken by Phil Buehler, depicting scorched civilian vehicles from the panicked flight of ordinary Ukrainians from Irpin (near Kyiv) in early 2022, when the town fell to invading Russian troops.

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Buehler decided to display the photo after the U.S. House of Representatives became reluctant to extend further military aid to Ukraine.

The picture, made up of 35 individual images merged, shows details of the vehicles, personal belongings of their owners who fled the war, children's toys, and more.

The photograph has been titled Irpin, Ukraine: Please Do Not Forget Us.

“It’s not like I composed or framed the picture so there’s a central object,” said Buehler.

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“Instead, there’s just these 60 feet of wrecked cars and so you kind of get to choose what your attention belongs to: is it a stuffed animal or is it bullet holes? The cars are almost life size, the toys are almost life size, the bullet holes are almost life size.”

On March 6, 2022, the Russian military shelled the road via which hundreds of Ukrainian civilians were fleeing from fighting in Irpin. The attack killed eight people, including two children.

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