Larry Horwitz offers to run Canadian Club brand centre

Larry Horwitz offers to run Canadian Club brand centre

Windsor businessman Larry Horwitz wants to lease the Canadian Club brand centre on Riverside Drive to reopen the historic building to the public.

After the owner of the building, Beam Suntory, announced the closure in March, Horwitz started coming up with a plan.  He said his success and experience operating the Water's Edge Event Centre would make taking over the brand centre a perfect fit.

"We felt Water's Edge could use its expertise to lease and operate the brand centre and make it successful, or more successful, than it is," he told CBC News.

Horwitz has approached the owners Pernod Ricard and the Beam Suntory company, which leases the building, with a proposal.

"We would do everything they do and bring it up a step, we hope, and make it as valuable as it has been for the community," he said.

Horwitz wants to offer the tours again and keep the Canadian Club store open and keep all the artifacts in the building.