LaSalle mayor remains concerned about Hydro One clearcut plans

LaSalle's mayor is expressing concerns about plans to cut trees along a hydro corridor through the town.

Ken Antaya was told in a meeting last summer that Hydro One would clear cut a 45-metre wide swath of forest between Brunet Park and Todd Lane.

At a town council meeting last night, an official with the company said the maintenance would not be so drastic, and that only specific problem trees would have to be trimmed.

But Antaya remains concerned.

"There's not much we can do. We can't stop them from doing what is required for the maintenance of their lines," he said. "The only thing is that when they get in there, and they say, 'Oops! You know, my saw slipped and all of a sudden, you've clear cut everything."

Antaya says the town will do whatever it can to delay the cutting, and would even consider legal action.