Last dance for Centennial Hall Sept 24

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Watford will say farewell to its Centennial Hall on Sept. 24.

“There are many memories people have of the building,” said Joe Manning, chair of the 150th anniversary of Watford Committee. There is certainly a lot of nostalgia around the old building from the many community celebrations, stag and does and Cornfest just to name a few. The Watford Gun Club also has a shooting range in the basement.

Watford Centennial Hall was built in 1967, as part of Canada’s 100th anniversary celebrations. In 2017, an inspection revealed the building had seen better days and Warwick Council decided to build a new community centre attached to the nearby arena.

As the final touches are being placed on the new East Lambton Community Complex, Centennial Hall will get a send off with an open house from 2 to 4 pm. People will be able to reminisce while taking a walk through of the building. The committee is also collecting pictures and artifacts from the last 55 years and will have it on display. And then the last dance will be held at Centennial starting at 8 pm..

Saying goodbye to the Centennial Hall is also a fundraiser for the 150th anniversary celebration for Watford, as the building was a big part of the community’s history.

Blake Ellis, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, The Independent