Last-Minute Valentine's Day Gifts

The clock is ticking on the year’s most divisive holiday. Valentine’s Day is almost here — but we promise it’s not actually too late to track down the perfect gift.

If you just found out that someone you’re close to expects a gift, or recently got back together with an ex, or are just a good old-fashioned procrastinator, we’ve got you. Here are some last-minute Valentine’s Day gifts for everyone on your list. 

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A blooming plant

An in-season plant is cheerful, sweet, and way more creative (and eco-friendly!) than boring red roses. Get them at your local florist.

Jenny Bird earrings

From far away the earrings look abstract and geometric, but up close you can see they're hearts. Cute, right? Get them at Jenny Bird for $125.

Kiehl's face oil

Because nothing says love like self-care. Also, let's be honest, it's February and everyone's skin is gross and dry. Get it at Sephora for $35.

"Little Women," annotated

For the fan of classic proto-feminist lit, and/or Greta Gerwig. Get it on Amazon for $17.93.

"Sneaker Freaker: The Ultimate Sneaker Book"

Because many of us have a sneakerhead in our life. Get it at Urban Outfitters for $70.

A comfy robe

Cosiness is love. Get it at Indigo for $59.50.

"Time Heals" card

For the friend going through a breakup. Get it at Stay Home Club for $4.50.

Concert tickets

Or theatre tickets, or game tickets, or — if you're feeling really generous — plane tickets. An experience gift always comes across as thoughtful.

"Mixed signals" shirt

Sometimes a passive-aggressive T-shirt is truly your best option. Get it at Drake General Store for $45.

A subscription service

Netflix, Crave, Hayu, Amazon Prime, Spotify — if you sign them up (and make it very clear how many months you're paying for!), they'll love you forever.

Magazine subscription

The old-fashioned kind of subscription is a really nice idea, too — and you typically pay up front for one year, eliminating that awkward conversation that comes with Netflix.

A framed photo

This one works for a ton of different people. Get your partner a photo of you two together, or get your friends a photo of a group shot, or give your grandma a photo of your family, or anything else. Get it at Ikea, at Umbra, on Amazon, at your local Winners, or a host of other places.

Body butter

Let's get comfy. Get it at The Body Shop for $27.20.

Selfie ring light

For that special someone who really wants to take a good photo. Get it on Amazon for $26.99.

"Happy Alone" sweater

Because truthfully, a lot of people are. Get it at Stay Home Club for $65.

The Astrology of Love and Sex

How else are you supposed to know if you're compatible?! Get it at Drake General Store for $28.95.


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