Latchford looking into potential of fibre optic upgrades

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By Jamie Mountain

Local Journalism Initiative Reporter

LATCHFORD – The Town of Latchford will be looking into acquiring possible funding to assist its landline service provider in upgrading to fibre optics.

Mayor George Lefebvre told council at their December 17 regular meeting that “several residents” had mentioned to him that with all of the funding that is available to expand broadband services, and with how the town has had limited success with its two current broadband service providers, that it would be a good idea to “explore the possibility of acquiring funding to assist their landline service provider (Northern Telephone) in upgrading to fibre optics.”

Lefebvre said that it would make sense to him to seek out the funding opportunities, as Latchford already has telephone lines with cable services, but that he wanted to get council’s thoughts on whether they should proceed with the initiative.

Councillor Mike Brooks commented that he liked the idea and that possibly Latchford could tie it in with its natural gas expansion efforts.

Councillors Jo-Anne Cartner, Scott Green, Perry Livingston, Sharon Gadoury-East and Francine Blowe also agreed it was a good idea and would support the initiative moving forward.

Jamie Mountain, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Temiskaming Speaker