Latvia ramps up Ukraine support with fresh donation of confiscated vehicles

Latvia conveys dozen more confiscated vehicles to support Ukraine
Latvia conveys dozen more confiscated vehicles to support Ukraine

Latvian government is set to transfer 12 more cars confiscated from drunk drivers to Ukraine, news outlet LSM reported on April 3.

These vehicles are earmarked for the military administration in Henichesk, Kherson Oblast, defense ministry units, the Valkiva Help Center in Kharkiv, the Kytayhorod town council, and medical professionals in Ukraine.

Latvia enforces strict penalties for driving under the influence, with vehicles being seized if the driver's blood alcohol level exceeds 1.5 per mille.

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Latvian parliament unanimously passed amendments to the Provision of Support to the Civilian Population of Ukraine on February 16, 2023, enabling the free transfer of confiscated vehicles to the ownership of the Ukrainian government in a bid to bolster support for Ukrainian society.

Latvia reportedly transferred confiscated cars to Ukraine worth EUR 1 million ($1 million) as of December 2023. The Latvian Defense Ministry announced in January 2024 the transfer of an additional 14 cars to Ukraine for EUR 100,000 ($108,000).

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