Latvia to spend $11 million on ammunition for Ukraine

Latvian flag
Latvian flag

The Latvian government will contribute EUR 10 million ($10.82 million) to the Czech-led initiative to procure artillery shells for the Ukrainian military, Latvia’s Defense Minister Andris Spruds said on May 14.

As Estonian media outlet Delfi reported, Spruds specified the funds would cover the cost of 3,000 155mm artillery shells.

The minister added that the second batch of drones is scheduled to be sent to Ukraine in June as part of the drone coalition. Ukrainian troops will receive about a thousand combat drones of varying capabilities.

Countries participating in the coalition have allocated over half a billion euros to purchase drones for Ukraine.

Overall, Latvia plans to allocate EUR 112 million ($121 million) for military aid to Ukraine in 2024, which constitutes 0.25% of its GDP.

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