Laura Ingraham Stifles Laughter at ‘Jackals on the Left’ Framing DeSantis as ‘Scarier Than Trump’: ‘A Parody of Itself’ (Video)

Fox News host Laura Ingraham laughed at “jackals on the left” news commentators, saying they believe Ron DeSantis could be a worse option than Donald Trump as president.

The Florida governor has officially launched his 2024 presidential bid, and he kicked it off on Twitter alongside Tesla and Twitter CEO Elon Musk, though they had a rough start. Since then, there have been murmuring among some about the two Republicans and who would be the greater evil.

News personalities weren’t left out of the conversation, and it became one of the talking points for Ingraham on her latest segment of “The Angle,” which you can watch above.

“Long before he announced tonight, the jackals on the left had decided that he in fact could even be scarier than Trump,” Ingraham said before playing a compilation clip of news commentators discussing DeSantis’ run for presidency.

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“There are a lot of younger people in that party that are much scarier, DeSantis for one,” a commentator said in the clip. “This guy is a fascist.”

“DeSantis has almost accelerated the racism as the point,” said another in the montage.

“In his quest to run the most right-winged fascist primary campaign ever, DeSantis is throwing all the right-wing pudding at the wall,” MSNBC’s Joy Reid said.

The broadcast then cut back to Ingraham, who shared a chuckle after the clip wrapped up.

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“And now something from Vanity Fair yesterday that was so bizarrely vicious it’s almost a parody of itself, kind of like that montage we just played for you,” Ingraham said before going into another DeSantis-related story.

DeSantis has been in the news a lot lately, and not just because of his efforts to take the Oval Office. The conservative’s efforts to block DEI-related programs and initiatives have stirred up lots of conversation. On May 15, he signed a bill into law banning the state’s public colleges and universities from funding DEI initiatives. He also created legislation that mandates the education of Asian American and Pacific Islander history in public schools.

In addition, like Trump, a painting of DeSantis made this week’s cover of Time Magazine. The image shows DeSantis peeling back an orange, which could be seen a metaphor for his Orange State initiatives — or even a dig at his GOP rival’s often-orange hue.

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