LeBron James narrates inspiring Nike film: 'We are never too far down to come back'

Trailing 28-3 in the Super Bowl. A 3-1 NBA Finals deficit. Grand Slam victories and Masters jackets rendering age but a number.

“We came back when we should have been long forgotten,” LeBron James’ voice narrates atop some of the greatest recent comebacks in sports. “And we did it time and time again.”

It’s a tease for Nike’s new film to inspire sports fans during the COVID-19 crisis that has shut down most of the world, including sports leagues around the globe. The entirety of the film is set to air during Sunday’s “The Match: Champions for Charity” and extends the company’s “You Can’t Stop Us” campaign.

James narrated the spot that features his own Cleveland Cavaliers becoming the first NBA team to come back from a 3-1 Finals deficit in 2016. The New England Patriots’ Super Bowl LI comeback victory over the Atlanta Falcons is included as well, as are Serena Williams’ victories in tennis and Tiger Woods green jacket at the 2019 Masters.

In addition to those athletes, the Nike crew in the spot consists of Rafael Nadal, Cristiano Ronaldo, Naomi Osaka, Michael Kunyaga, Paul George, Danny Amendola, Bill Belichick, Elena Delle Donne, Megan Rapinoe, Bebe Vio, Liu Xiang, and Kirk Gibson.

“Right now we’re fighting for something much bigger than a win or a championship,” James narrates. “But if we’ve learned anything from sports, it’s that no matter how far down we may be, we are never too far down to come back.”

Serena Williams, who will go for her record-tying 24th Grand Slam when tennis returns, shared her experience amid the pandemic and how odd it is for a tournament to be canceled. Via Yahoo Finance:

“This time has been like nothing else. I mean, I’m no longer playing tennis! No one is. I’ve been playing tennis for over 20 years and never has a tournament been canceled in my career for any reason until now,” Williams said.

“It’s such a unique time in history right now, with all these global challenges around the COVID virus and how it's impacting all of us in ways that are the same and also so different. Some athletes are returning to sport, for others – like me – I’m really just getting back into the swing of training,” she added.

The film “Never Too Far Down” can be seen on Nike’s digital channels, social media platforms and YouTube. It will re-air during other sport broadcasts as well.

The Nike film narrated by LeBron James is meant to inspire during the COVID-19 pandemic. ( Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)

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