Leafs fans don't need to worry about Michael Bunting

Michael Bunting's offensive numbers have fallen dramatically from his standout season last year but the Maple Leafs forward's play is still contributing towards the team's success.

Video Transcript

- But there are a lot of weird things that are taking place. At least, for example, the Leaves are weird. Sometimes they look good. Sometimes they don't look good.

But at the very least, at least they're still in a decent spot when it comes to the standings. They're still one of the top three teams in the Atlantic Division. That's great, especially considering that haunted and focused on milestone that's coming up, American Thanksgiving, that the teams that are in a playoff spot, when that comes up, usually end up staying there. Fortunately, the Leafs are in a spot right now. And hopefully, their whole up and down weirdness kind of changes more and more on a positive side so they stay where they are or even go up.

Another weird thing, and this is something I haven't talked about too much, Michael Bunting hasn't been as good as he was last year. And that is unfortunate because I love Michael Bunting. But it's been kind of weird, you know. Like, on one end, the positive aspect is that he's still an agitator. I want to say he's one of the top penalty draws in the league, which is wicked.

He does take some penalties at bad times. And him and Keefe kind of going back and forth a little bit. But the offense isn't as pronounced as it was last year. And I think a big part of that is the fact that he hasn't been playing with Matthews and Marner as much.

And when he does play with Matthews and Marner, that whole dynamic has kind of been a little odd since he's been playing in the bottom six of six a little bit. But he's still finding ways to contribute on the ice, despite the fact, even if he isn't getting goals. I mean, the whole flurry in front of the net ahead of the Pierre Engvall goal against Vancouver, Bunting had a lot to play with that.

So even though he isn't actually getting goals and getting points a lot, I think he's still finding ways to contribute on and on the ice. And as long as it's positive, I think that's the best thing. So even though there's been a lot of weird things again including when it comes to Michael Bunting, I think as long as the team is playing well, which they haven't always, I think that'll be OK.