Leafs fans feeling blue after playoff series against Sens falls through

Leafs fans feeling blue after playoff series against Sens falls through

The Battle of Ontario was over before a single shot was fired, and that's left some hockey fans holding tickets to games they don't want to see.

After the Toronto Maple Leafs clinched a playoff berth Saturday night with a win over the Pittsburgh Penguins, a first-round matchup against the Senators looked very likely, and eager Leafs fans started snatching up tickets for the games at the Canadian Tire Centre.

The Leafs only needed a single point against Columbus Sunday to solidify a series with the Sens, and after they jumped out to a two-goal lead, fans became even more confident. But their optimism wavered as the Blue Jackets began mounting a comeback.

Toronto ultimately lost the game, setting up a date with the league-leading Washington Capitals, leaving Leafs fans with unwanted tickets to Ottawa's playoff home games against the Boston Bruins.

Hoping to break even

Third-year Carleton University engineering student Jeremy Bonovento, 20, has been waiting to watch the Leafs in the playoffs since he was in Grade 2. 

He bought three tickets for Saturday's game for relatively cheap, before realizing the Leafs won't be coming to Ottawa.

"I'm the one who suggested to my friends. I'm the die-hard, avid Leafs fan, the guy who was like, 'Oh guys, we gotta do this.' I'm the one who got everyone to get the tickets and kinda screwed everyone over," he said.

"We're working hard to try and sell them...If we can't end up selling the tickets, maybe we'll go and just wear our Leafs jerseys."

Many Sens fans, obviously, felt no sympathy for their provincial rivals.

Meanwhile, others were a little more conciliatory.

But in defence of those Leafs fans, some on Twitter pointed to the Senators' notorious attendance woes.

Still, hockey fans are hoping to see another Battle of Ontario sooner than later.

The Senators face off against the Bruins in Game 1 of their series at the Canadian Tire Centre Wednesday, while the Maple Leafs will travel to Washington for Game 1 against the Capitals Thursday.