Leamington Spa fire: Police ask residents to help clear blaze debris

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Leamington fire
Residents near the scene of the huge fire in Leamington Spa have been asked to help clear debris left from the blaze. (PA)

Members of the public living near a huge fire at a plastics manufacturer have been asked to help dispose of fallen debris in the area.

Residents were evacuated from the area near the industrial estate in Leamington Spa after the fire broke out on Fridaty, sending a huge column of black smoke into the sky. 

Some witnesses described "apocalyptic scene" as fire crews worked to control the blaze at the manufacturer on Juno Drive. 

In an update on Sunday, Warwickshire Police said contractors were working to clean-up the fall-out of the huge fire, but were struggling due to the size of the area affected. 

The force asked members of the public to help by removing debris - which is not thought to be hazardous - from their homes and property. 

Leamington fire
The huge blaze in Leamington Spa sent a column of smoke billowing into the sky. (PA)

In a statement, it said: "Following consultation with key partner agencies including Public Health England, we are now able to provide updated advice concerning the removal of fallen debris following the fire in Juno Drive, Leamington.

"Contractors continue to do their best to clean-up the fall-out, however given the size of the area affected, they cannot get everywhere.

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"Members of the public are now being asked to assist by safely removing debris from their homes and property.

"We understand that fallen debris from the fire has been a cause of concern within the community.

"Please be assured that we are not aware of any reports of serious ill-effects and all indications are that the substances are not hazardous to health."

Leamington fire
Police have issued advice on how people should deal with debris. (PA)

It said due to the nature of the fire, there could be a potential risk of irritation so advised people to wear gloves and a face mask, as well as using eye protection, to double bag any debris, and to wash any dust or debris off their skin.

When cleaning vehicles, the force suggested using a dampened cloth to wipe off any dust, and then to double bag them, or to hand wash or use an automated machine wash, but not to use a jet wash.

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