LeAnn Rimes on the joys of making a chanting album and how she dealt with past scrutiny

LeAnn Rimes's new album, "Chant: The Human and the Holy," was the result of discovering the healing powers of chanting.

The singer spoke with Yahoo Entertainment about her mental health journey and how meditation and breath work have factored into her new music and her personal life.

"I would literally sit in meditation and just start singing," she said. "And as soon as I liked something, I would press record. And that's how the 'Chant' record was born."

She also discussed her marriage to Eddie Cibrian, which began as an affair that attracted intense media scrutiny.

"I feel like I was constantly testing him, like, 'Can you do this? Can you deal with this?'" she said of developing trust with Cibrian. "And so he held my hand through that whole journey and I'm so incredibly grateful."

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