Learn How To Pull Off The Prefect "Cat Eye" Look

Do you want to learn how to create the perfect “cat eye”? Well I’ll let you in on a little secret? It’s not as hard as it looks and I have 2 tips that will help you achieve the perfect “cat eye” look with ease like the makeup pro’s do. Sometimes it can be tough to pull off this look especially if you’re not great at using eye liner. But don’t worry about that I have you covered. When I am creating the wing I make sure to draw my wing at an angle and create a triangle that I then fill in. To make the liner appear more “cat eye” I only draw the liner to the middle of the lid above the iris and not all the way into the inner corner of my eye. But my favorite trick is in the lash application. Here is the tip that will change your lash game forever when it comes to applying false lashes. I cut the lashes in half and apply only to the outer lash line. This creates more definition to the outside of the eye creating the illusion of a “cat eye.” This will change the whole look and make it fool proof I promise. So are you ready to try my hack on creating the perfect “cat eye”?