Learning to Grow: Sustaining the Brazilian Boom

The Mark

As anyone familiar with the trajectory of global economic growth knows, the coming decades seem destined to belong to the so-called "emerging markets." In BRICs & Beyond, a five-part series on global investment, The Mark takes the viewer to the powerhouses of China and Brazil, as well as to less traditional spaces such as Cuba. The series, presented in partnership with the Financial Post, explores the risks and opportunities facing investors in the complex and ever-changing global investment landscape.

Part 1 told the story of the genesis of the concept of emerging markets. Part 2 looked more closely at the implications of China's rapidly shifting growth strategy. In Part 3, the story turned to the potential for massive growth in the so-called 'Next 11' countries. Part 4 focused on the effects of Cuba's recent economic reforms and the potential for growth should the small island state continue to reform and see an end to an embargo from the United States.

The final instalment looks at the flourishing Brazilian economy and what might be the biggest challenge to its continued growth: education. It highlights how private companies have stepped in to help educate Brazilians for the high-skilled labour market to ensure the Brazilian growth story continues.

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This video was originally published by the Financial Post.