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The Petrolia/North Enniskillen fire department was putting some new recruits through their paces.

But these firefighters won’t be ready for action for a few years.

The department hosted the first of two Junior Firefighter Summer Camps last week.

Summer students Olivia McQuaid and Gavin Burgess organized the program. McQuaid is a student at Lambton College in the paramedic program. She previously went to school to be a firefighter. Burgess is in the firefighter program at Lambton College and is currently a member with the Point Edward Fire Department.

The students showed the Junior Firefighters the day-to-day activities from washing the trucks to maintaining the hoses.

There was an introduction to First Aid and CPR training on Tuesday, while Wednesday had them learning about the hoses, while also getting the chance to use a fire extinguisher and trying out a fire simulator.

Friday the Junior Firefighters showed their families what they had learned. They also completed an emergency plan for their homes.

Ten-year-old Everett McGregor really liked learning about fire hoses and the fire extinguishers. One of the highlights for him was a competition to put the hoses away quickly.

Dylan Terpstra liked learning about First Aid and being introduced to CPR training the best. McGregor agreed, adding they learned how to bandage a cut.

This is the fourth year for the Junior Firefighter program. There have been about 10 kids per week in previous years, but the program has since doubled its capacity, said

Blake Ellis, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, The Independent

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