Legion to host a new open mic event

A local community group is hosting a new open mic event at the Strathmore Legion, which will be open to anyone wishing to come out and perform.

The group, In Story and Song, is hoping to see their open mic event become a staple in the community, taking place on the first Sunday of each month.

Brenda-le Graff, who is organizing the event, said she believes it fills a prominent need within Strathmore to have a place to perform.

“There is an absolute need in this community for the art to bring the whole family, friends, neighbours together around the table,” she said. “Open mics nowadays tend to steer towards just musicians and you have to be able to play an instrument, or you have to be able to sing and there is usually a house band there and they better know your song. There are just too many limitations.”

The open mic to be held at the legion will welcome any who wish to use the microphone with their medium, be it music, poetry, stand-up comedy, etc. – provided their content is family friendly.

She added so far, response to the advent of an open mic event in town has been overwhelmingly positive, and those who have responded seem very excited for the opportunity.

“There is a lot of support in the community for this type of thing, but this is no different than a business that requires time to build and grow and to mature and blossom,” said Graff.

The open mic will be first come, first served to those who want to sign up and jump on stage. There will be a sign-up sheet available half an hour prior to the event starting.

Graff is hoping that following the event, a venue will come forward and give the open mic a more permanent home, as the Legion has not committed to hosting them beyond the first event.

“I would love to have another venue step up and accept us, because I think everywhere that I talk to people, they are definitely excited about this,” she said.

Graff added she is open to folks who are curious about the In Story and Song group, and the open mic to reach out to her directly via Facebook or to give her a call.

Come March 5, the open mic event will take place at 3 p.m. at the Legion. More information is available online through the In Story and Song Facebook group.

John Watson, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Strathmore Times