Legislation tabled to adopt National Building Code standards

Legislation tabled to adopt National Building Code standards

P.E.I.'s run as the only Canadian province that hasn't adopted the National Building Code could be nearing an end.

This week, the Building Code Act was tabled by the provincial government and read a first time in the legislature to adopt the code province-wide.

"It's an act that industry would like to see so that buildings are built to more modern, safer and more efficient standards," said Robert Mitchell, minister of communities, land and environment.

He added that adopting the code would make it a requirement for builders to use the same construction methods as other provinces as well as undergo more frequent inspections. Currently, only Charlottetown, Summerside and Stratford have adopted the code and require builders to adhere to its regulations.

"Every house will be built to the same standard, so that gives that safety piece that has not been available in the past," said Mitchell.

The next step for the act is to undergo a second reading in the legislature. Mitchell said if adopted, regulations in the act would apply to new construction with a phase-in period of two years for residential construction but a quicker phase-in period for commercial construction.

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