Leisure Days RV accused of poor customer service

A Halifax man is warning others of his experience at an RV dealership.

Keith Lawlor says he purchased a brand new 2012 Keystone RV from Leisure Days RV in Millbrook, Nova Scotia.

He says he and his family took the RV on about six road trips before he noticed mould on one of its walls caused by what appeared to be a leak.

At that point the two-year warranty had just expired. In an email correspondence with the manufacturer, Keith Lawlor was told to have the mould damage reviewed by the dealership where the vehicle was purchased.

Keystone RV also explained in the email to Lawlor and his wife, sent October 13, 2014, that once the dealership sent its review, Keystone would respond within 48 hours to let him know whether the manufacturer was on the hook for the repairs, or if the cost was up to Lawlor to cover.

"I was trying to get an answer one way or the other," Lawlor told CBC News. "Whether it was Keystone fixing it or I was fixing it, I wanted to get it stored indoors."

'Very disheartening'

Until the afternoon on Tuesday, Lawlor said he hadn't heard anything from the dealership about the assessment of damage to his RV.

"We would like to know if our trailer is going to be fixed. You know it's very disheartening that you spend more than $20,000.00 on an RV and you can't even use it," said Lawlor.

CBC News did request an interview with the dealership, who declined at this time.

After CBC's request, Lawlor received an email from Leisure Days RV in Millbrook. The dealership's manager also sent CBC an email, writing, "Our director of service is attempting to contact Mr. Lawlor to try and resolve this situation."

Lawlor told CBC news he had no issues with the dealership when he took it in for repairs shortly after purchase; he said the customer service problems only started in October.

Currently, Leisure Days RV in Millbrook has an F-rating on the Better Business Bureau's website, with four complaints the BBB told CBC news were left unresponded to.

"Unfortunately in this case we do see a bit of a pattern," said Peter Moorhouse, the president and CEO of the Better Business Bureau serving Atlantic Canada. "The pattern seems to be poor customer service."

Moorhouse told CBC News the Better Business Bureau "made repeated attempts to get in touch with the business in all cases the business didn't get back in touch with us."

Leisure Days RV Centre in Millbrook declined an interview with CBC News on Tuesday, but claims it has not been contacted by the Better Business Bureau.

It followed up with an email later in the afternoon telling CBC that its records show Lawlor contacted Leisure Days twice by email. The company also told CBC the employee helping Lawlor at the time is no longer with the company.

Leisure Days said in an email the dealership is now "attempting to contact" Keith Lawlor "to try and resolve this situation."