Tour de France winner Greg LeMond is making cute carbon e-bikes

Nick Summers
·Senior Editor
·2 min read

Greg LeMond, a former professional cyclist that won the Tour de France three times, is jumping on the e-bike bandwagon. Today, his personal company — simply called LeMond — has launched two pedal-assist bicycles built almost entirely from carbon fiber. The Daily has a traditional ‘double diamond’ design, while the Netherlands-inspired Dutch has a low-step frame and swept-back handlebars. Both have carbon fiber frames, seat posts and, unusually, barstems. It's painted the same color as the other carbon fiber components, giving the bikes a uniquely blocky look upfront.

Both models are powered by a 250W Mahle ebikemotion X35 motor that can deliver up to 40Nm of torque. They’ll have an assisted top speed of 20MPH (26KMH), though you might be able to go a little faster if you leverage the traditional gears on the back. The Dutch and Daily will ship with a 250W battery in the downtube that should manage up to 50 miles on a single charge. It’ll need to be topped up if you want to take advantage of the lights that have been cleverly integrated in the handlebars and seatstay. If you need more juice, LeMond has confirmed that both bikes will be compatible with a 250W add-on battery that attaches to the frame.

You can order the Dutch and Daily today for $4,500 from LeMond’s website. The Dutch comes in pink, mint and dark blue, while the Daily can be ordered in pink, dark and light gray. (I’m really into the pink versions.) The company will ship to anywhere in North America and Europe, and expects to deliver the first bikes to customers in January. If you're not convinced, there are plenty of carbon fiber alternatives to consider, including Gogoro's Eeyo 1 and 1s, and the 3D-printed Superstrata bike.

Update 09/22/22 5:12PM ET: The website launch has been delayed. Pre-orders will now go live "in the next couple of days," according to a LeMond spokesperson. The first bikes are still scheduled to be delivered in January.