Lemur babies make their debut at Magnetic Hill Zoo

Venturing out in the world for the first time can be intimidating.

But not for three baby black-and-white ruffled lemurs at the Magnetic Hill Zoo in Moncton..

They're now exploring the outside world of their enclosure with their mom, Lily.

Zookeeper Melanie Prince said the babies were born on April 22.

"Right now we just let mom take care of them and she's doing really well so we haven't had the chance to really handle them too much yet, but eventually we will try to figure out what if they're boys or girls," Prince said.

Pierre Fournier/CBC News

Like all new babies, they're developing a routine. They're awake most of the day, but nap frequently, in between meals.

"We give them monkey chow biscuit," Prince said. "It's like a little biscuit that has everything they need, proteins and so on, but in the afternoon they get a bowl full of different types of fruit and vegetables."

Pierre Fournier/CBC News

Jill Marvin, the director of the Magnetic Hill Zoo, said the babies have an important role to play.

"The whole reason that we have these animals here is they're great ambassadors to the wild," Marvin said. 

"Most people know the lemurs from Madagascar. And unfortunately all the lemur species are endangered. So with these babies, it usually draws attention from people. They want to learn more about it, they ask more questions and they become engaged."

Marvin said she hopes they inspire young minds, or just encourage people to think about recycling and keeping the planet healthy.

Pierre Fournier/CBC News

Marvin said she's worked in the zoo business for 30 years, but this is the first time she's seen newborn black and while lemurs.

She said she hopes people will get the chance to see them this summer.

Pierre Fournier/CBC News

"They'll be out in the morning," she said. "They'll eat, they'll play, they'll drink, they'll sleep, then they'll do the same thing in the afternoon. So if you happen to miss them when you come by the first time, go do a loop, go see the lions, do a loop or somewhere else and come back in a couple hours.

"It's well worth it if you take a look at these little jiggers, they're super cute."