Let’s Make Some Noise! Take Our Survey to Tell Prevention What Health Issues Matter to You

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Take Our Survey to Tell Prevention What MattersDan Saelinger

For more than 70 years, Prevention has believed that people have the power to change the course of their health. We’ve always operated based on the idea that your health is in your hands.

Except sometimes it isn’t.

Take our survey and tell us what health care issues matter most to you!

Often there are outside factors working against us. Maybe you have a symptom that has perplexed a series of doctors; maybe doctors know exactly what you have, but there is no treatment because no one has funded research on your condition; or maybe there is a treatment, but you can’t get it because it’s not available at a hospital near you.

When people (like you!) want to take the job of improving their health into their own smart, hardworking hands, all too often they’re thwarted. Thwarted by tradition, arrogance, confusion, condescension, racism, sexism, ineptitude, systemic stubbornness, or a general “that’s just the way it is”-ism. And that’s maddening,

We’re calling 2023 The Year of Making Noise, because it’s time to take a closer look at issues that are ignored, raise alarms where they need to be raised, and help all of us be heard. If we all stand up for health, we can change all our lives.

Every month, we’ll dive deep into an issue that’s getting in the way of your health to illuminate the problem and galvanize you so you can claim the power to receive the health care you deserve and join us in our plans to be sure everyone is heard.

The first step is making sure you are heard. Take our survey to start raising your voice by telling us what matters most to you. What health care issues are overlooked or ignored? What health conditions don’t people know enough about? How can we help you raise your voice? Now’s your chance to speak up!

Take the Making Noise survey today!

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